Rainy Day in SF


What’s spring weather these days in California? It’s pouring rain, that’s what it is. But to be honest, I’m kind of enjoying that it changes so often. It’s like I’m getting bits and pieces of all the seasons within a week…. I know, I’m strange.

So I had the opportunity of collaborating with a boutique known as SHOPJ&G, founded by Jerusha Greenwald. I was so happy to find out that a majority of the bags are at an affordable price! Her new collection has so many different styles it’s crazy. You can literally find a bag to wear for a night out, or find your new everyday bag. One of my favorites was this ‘Ava satchel’ which can literally fit everything. I’ve been looking for a nude bag for the longest time too so it was perfect. I’m so happy with it!

If I had a uniform, it’d probably be a color combination of this outfit. I love love love pairing burgundy with black. I kept it pretty casual and added the jacket to make it a little less simple. I realize now how short the jacket actually makes me look lol! Whats new?

Jacket – Forever 21 / Pants – Pacsun / Shirt – American Apparel / Handbag – ShopJ&G / Shoes – Steve Madden



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