Style haul: Urban Outfitters sale 

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Fun fact: I almost never ever buy clothes at retail price. Why? Because if you wait a few more weeks, you can actually end up spending only half the price of what you would at retail price. While yes, that probably means that what you’ll likely end up finding styles that are no longer “trending” or “in season”. BUT, that’s not always the case. In any sale section, you’re bound to score a couple versatile or basic pieces. Also, even if you do end up loving a style that is no longer “in season”, there’s a chance that you can actually save that item for the following year. That’s my mentality, anyways.

Urban Outfitter sales are one of my favorites. They add an additional sale to already discounted prices; so you’re getting a sale ON YOUR SALE. What’s great is that they typically happen during the beginning of a transition into a new season, and they always have it during Black Friday. Except, it’s super insane on Black Friday with everyone else shopping for sales, so I prefer to go to the rest that they have throughout the year.

While I was there I found a few essential pieces, such as this super cute Bra-lette. Which came in Nude and with a beautiful lace detail. I also found a different one (that’s not pictured), that also came with lace details. They go well with just about any top, and they add for some really cute details. They each ended up costing approximately $10 each. Then I found this jacket and a t-shirt which I just thought were sort of unique. The jacket came in this very light yellow, and it has the word “lazy” in the front of it. I think it could definitely be an attention grabber, or a conversation starter, and I think it’d be perfect for those days that I’m feeling sluggish. Then I picked out this t-shirt, which is a pretty practical t-shirt. I can style it in so many ways, and I love that it’s oversized. It’s a mix between a sweater and a t-shirt so I thought that was pretty cool too.

So yeah, those are just a few things that I’ve recently added into my closet. I really hope you enjoyed this mini haul!!

What are your favorite places to shop for sales? Do you enjoy shopping sales or would you rather shop retail price? I’d love to hear! 🙂

ITEMS: Sweater, T-shirt, Bra-lette – Urban Outfitters // Bag –


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