Summer trip to L.A

Happy Monday guys! Summer is in full effect and even though I’m currently sitting in class (during our break of course), I made some time to take a mini vacation down to L.A this past weekend.  I think it’s been about two years now since I’ve been down there? Any who, luckily one of my close friends was willing to join me on a small venture to the city. I’m a city girl at heart, so any opportunity that I get to explore a city I’m always super eager to go! We ended up staying just five minutes from the downtown part of LA, so there were a fairly amount of things to do around us. Our first day was actually spent a majority of the time in downtown! That whole day was pretty sporadical, we didn’t intend on doing a whole lot since we had just gone through a six hour drive. Ironically, our first stop was at a local restaurant called “Prank”, which we went to for their happy hour (lol). Afterwards we ended up walking around the downtown area, to local boutiques, coffee shops, and eventually to a rooftop of the Ace hotel. Second day we walked around the fashion district. We ended up doing A TON of walking during out trip. But that was the best way for us to get the best experience of the city. For the next few days we also ended up going to Venice Beach, Santa Monica, the Melrose Trading Post, Porto’s, and we went to Philz (every day lol!). I got to experience my first time at a burlesque bar. While we were there we met up with one of my high school friends who recently moved down there. Even though we were super tired from a day of walking we stuck it out for a night of fun! I’m super grateful for this trip, even though it may not be a vacation to different state. I’m always grateful for getting to experiences new things, places, and foods. What are your places to visit?? Have any of you guys been to L.A before? If so, how did you like it??

Checking out the Philz on sunset blvd! Their floor designs were super cute xx

The infamous LACMA lights :p

Rooftop views from the Ace Hotel!

Mural finds at every corner while we were there!

My lovely friend 🙂

A new boutique just opened up in downtown L.A! It’s called MAHER,  you guys HAVE to check it out–they have really amazing styles to choose from. Here’s the link to their site, which is currently still under construction, but they have their Instagram as well!

Taking a break at Verve Coffee Roaster


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